Thursday, September 29, 2011

Singing for Amma

An E-mail I wrote which gives a bit of insight into what's happening here:

Jonah and I are well. This place is very confusing, HOT, and trying on
a daily basis for me, though there are moments in between that are
filled with beauty and amazement too. I have really been forced to
come face to face with myself and many many different emotions and
pains from the past. This is what I came here for, though it doesn't
make it easy at times. The sunset yesterday was so spectacular! The
sun glowed pink through the dense clouds on the horizon and set into
the ocean, the sky turned all shades of orange and pink as well, and
they have these funny Eagles that look like brown seagulls from far
away. We watched them fly overhead from the 16th floor rooftop of our
building. Jonah and I sang for his Guru Amma while she was giving
Darshan (hugging people), and it was a really great experience. I sang
Apres Un Reve by Faure.... I couldn't find any other french pieces I
knew for free online anywhere! I had one morning to prepare to sing
it, but luckily the accompanist was French! So he reminded me about a
couple pronunciation things. I asked the universe to sing through me,
and to open peoples hearts. It was so powerful! We sat facing the
stage and had the audience to our backs, Bajan style, and in the
middle of the song I felt this electric energy just take over. Later
many people said that they really felt strong emotions from the
singing, and I feel that it was because of the prayer I said ahead of
time. Amma will be leaving in a few days time and we are thinking
about taking a few days to travel by train to Konyakumari (?) the tip
of south India where you can sea the oceans meet and the sunrise and
set colors to each direction!


  1. Do you both have new names within the ashram? Light Bringer is beautiful. I loved seeing the photos, and reading Jonah's account of carrying a disabled man brought tears to my eyes as I remembered the times he's carried our Daniel in his arms. Blessings and love to both of you, and strength to face the difficult times.

  2. I am home safe and enriched by my wonderful travels with mom in Italy. I look ahead to next spring and travels with you two magical people, it changes you and I am so glad to be able to share some of that growth and wonder with you. I look forward to pictures of your travels to the tip of India. Now I have been to the top of Europe, I hope the computers at Auroville will make it easier and I will be able to share my pictures if Europe with you. You will have to go to Italy together. Our stay with Daniela, Antonio and Iacopo was so lovely. Looking forward to my next news!