Friday, September 9, 2011

The Great Escape

Hello dear friends and loved ones!
I'm sure many of you have been a wee bit anxious to hear how our travels to India have gone. We would like to let you all know that Jonah and I (Whitney) are safely tucked away in Amrithapuri, Kerala, at Amma's Ashram. I will not say that we have not had some trials or a few snafus. We'd like to take a moment to share a bit of our own experiences of India and Ashram life so far.

Whitney: The trip to India was an adventure all in itself. We landed in Hong Kong, China, and had a couple hours to switch planes. Thank goodness for that, because we had such a hard time locating the departure gate. Then upon finding the gate I realized I had misplaced my Ipod. The Ipod I had promised everyone (Dad especially), that I would use to skype with. I was definitely freaking out a bit. It had been left on the previous flight, and the Singapore Airlines crew was so amazing and helpful. They returned it just before boarding. I AM LUCKY!
The next stop was in Singapore, and WOW I really liked it there. I could see myself going there to vacation easily. The airport had 3 terminals, two hotels inside, and and assortment of spas, including one where fish will clean your feet.... Very Asian!
We booked a room for 6 hours and slept right passed our wakeup time. Luckily we did not miss our flight. Did I mention the people of Singapore are beautiful? They really are, and the flight attendants of the airline had really neat outfits. We now know why it's such a highly rated airline, they even hand out hot towels throughout the flight, and each passenger gets three choices for each meal.
SO India... I will try to make this breif. Confusing and tiny airport, walked to the hotel... Big mistake. Got lost. Hotel had no confirmation of room. Taxi from Ashram showed up at 1AM instead of PM next day due to military time error. Scariest nightime drive of three hours I have EVER had in my life. AND sleeping on the airmattress/floor, water issues, spicy food, pretty elephants, community dogs, and ocean breeze with crashing waves through our 13th floor barred window. That kind of sort of gives a little indication of my experience here so far. OH AND Not as many mosquitos as Alaska! Though bugs of many variety are EVERYWHERE. Yep.

Jonah: Flip Flop Flip Flop , "should we walk?" "Okay lets save a few hundred rupees!" "Its only 1 Kilometer away!" A blanket of dark humid air enveolpes use as whitney begins to recall Georgia in the summer time. "Look hun a cow, wow!" :I think we should ask someone for directions"
"Okay hun!" Focus on your mantra jonah all will be well and safe.

And so it was our expectatins were turned upside down and around and around again. Yet underneath it all a peace flowed throughout and I began to understand that on this journey through this land called India one must go within in because the external world is always in a constant shift. Out of time...(6 computers at an Ashram of over several thousand! I will continue again... Om Namaha Shivaya Whitney and I love you all so dearly, you are in our hearts.


  1. Thank you so much for setting this up and sharing your path in India with all of us...your faithful supporters. I am so excited to know you are safe and seeing a whole new world. Enjoy and soak up all you can. You will be forever changed by this most amazing experience you are sharing. I can't wait till we are traveling together in the north with Anne. It is so incredible that all the months of planning are over and you are there...Thank you Whitney for getting me to buy the photo has been great to see all the pictures of you and I look forward to seeing India through your eyes....

  2. Many blessing and good wishes for your Birthday Jonah! I hope we can skype''I am sorry that I don't have your email..send me a message so I will! I hope you continue to thrive! Tomorrow I will be singing "Danny Boy" and will try to get the words right! What a wonderful man you have become..Whitney, you will have to give him all of our kisses and hugs today!...from Noah, me, Jan, Steve...the list goes on and on! Cheers! Try early evening tomorrow, I think that will be Monday morning here. Noah goes to work at 7:45..hope we connect...LOVE you both. Susan

  3. Jonah and Whitney:
    Blessings to you both. Jonah I can see how it must feel like you are returning to your spiritual heart and home in many ways. I hope you feel the love we are all sending you, especially your Dad. He may not have understood your wanting to make this trip, but his love for you, Noah and Sue burns as brightly as a newborn star. I'm looking forward to reading about all your experiences, and I love both of your writing styles. Whitney you seem more like your are seeing it all with every one of your senses, touch, sight, smell, sound, and Jonah you seem to transmit the love and spiritual connection to Amma like a heartbeat, pulsing warmth and acceptance with each contraction of that amazing heart you have. Sending you both all our love, and we hope to meet you soon Whitney. I have no doubt Amma has work that needs to be done in Singapore too!
    Love and blessings,
    Peace and bows to both of you,
    The Landis's and Schuitema's
    P.S. Happy Birthday Jonah!!

  4. Thank you all for your warm and sweet notes. We love you dearly
    From India with love

    Jonah and Whitney

    PS a new post is on the way and across the back waters from the ashram is a internet cafe with skype!!

  5. Missed our skype date and hoping all is well! Noah and I waited to hear from you and send love and best wishes!

  6. I was just able to look at the photos of your room and view. I am so happy to think of you there...a bit of privacy and much more than I anticipated. Am looking forward to hearing about the day to day details of your lives now. I have been working on our spring itinerary...such fun to fantasize about all we will se together in the north. I have not seen your India pictures cross on to the Kodac pulse...I do enjoy seeing your family photos but wonder who is who! I know your dad of course...blessings flow..always

  7. Om Gan Ganapataye Namah! ... Om Hrim Maha Lakshmiye Namah! Wrote a long comment and it disappeared when I tried to post it. No matter -the important thing is, we are missing you (and hoping to meet you soon Whitney) sending emanations of love and peace with every heartbeat, and blessings always. Thank you for what you are doing to help our world, so desperately in need of help, and I hope the ashram schedule is not too grueling. Bows, and peace,
    Aunt Janet