Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The moment that I have been waiting for! And it follows with slight confusion... What am I supposed to be doing here? What are WE supposed to be doing here? And, now we understand, if we are asking that question, we are already doing what most Aurovillians are doing, and asking the same question.

The last two days Jonah and I have taken a bicycle tour of Auroville with a woman who has lived here for over 30 years. We are in quite a diverse group with people from Belgium, Spain, Brazil, France, India, and the U.S.A. Even the visitors and tourists are multicultural and diverse. We are all coming here with many of the same questions, and find we are seeking similar answers.
Yesterday we visited two speakers who have lived in Auroville for many years, and they both told us the same thing in different ways. They said the focus of Aurovillians and of the World really, needs to be on human unity, unity of consciousness, within the diversity.
Today we visited artist communities, and the cultural district. The art here is unbelievable, and strangely the artists seem to use similar colors and structure to the paintings, though coming from various backgrounds.
Also, the architecture here is really beautiful and diverse. We are in a very modern building right now, and earlier saw straw houses, as well a house made with pliable thin cement and bamboo, which looked out of a dream.
It's the monsoon season here, and yet there has been no rain the past couple of days, which for us has been a blessings while we have cycled around. There's great food here as well, the best cheesecake, and REAL ice cream instead of the fake sugary stuff in the rest of India.

Next blog we hope to re-cap our journey from Amma's Ashram to Ooty and from there the 24 hour journey to Auroville. A very special account of our overnight train trip in general class, where people were stacked on people, on people, on people... Oh joy.... "CHAI! COFFEE! CHAI!".... And a lady spilled her food in my lap... dont let the monky's get your purse...This is INDIA!

Love to all, Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Whitney and Jonah